Launch your consulting side hustle with confidence. 

Get a detailed roadmap to success with our AI-powered confidence report.

For a one-time cost of $19 here's what you will get:

Competitive Intelligence

Target Audience Analysis

Value Proposition

Gain knowledge of the competitive environment in which you plan to launch your business. 

Get rich insights into the suggested audience that your potential business is catering to. 

Understand your value prop so you can learn how to articulate your idea's packaging, positioning, and messaging.

Networking Opportunities

Time Availability Analysis

Requirements Analysis

Learn about who and where to network, which can lead to additional collaboration and partnership opportunities. 

Get a suggested breakdown of how to use your time specifically based on your weekly availability. 

Receive an understanding of what requirements are critical to launch your idea. 

SWOT Analysis

Goal Setting Checklist

Business Success Stories

Ensure you identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to your business idea.

Understand what goals are critical to give you clear focus and targets for your business to work towards. 

Hear success stories in your field which can provide critical motivation and education about how to make it work.

Budget Analysis

Getting Started

Book Recommendations

Receive a suggested breakdown on how to use your exact budget dollar by dollar to launch your idea successfully. 

Learn about inexpensive methods, training, and experience you can gain to help you get started on your idea.

Receive suggestions on additional learning materials that relate specifically to your idea.

How to get started

1. Create an account. It's easy, and all we need is an email and password. 

2. Provide us with information about yourself and your consulting side hustle idea.

3. Receive a detailed 10-point analysis of your side hustle idea in minutes.

Sample reports

A recruiting business that helps high-growth technology companies scale with top talent. I have 1-10 hours available per week, and a budget of $500- $1,000 for startup costs.

A YouTube channel focused on helping young people with personal finances. I have 25-40 hours available per week, and a budget of $100-$500 to get started.

I have an idea for a wedding photography business. I would work with engaged couples and provide photography services on their wedding day. I have 11-25 hours available per week, and $1,000-$5,000 available for startup costs.

Don't waste any more time.

Some people spend days, weeks, months, even years working on a side hustle that isn't right for them.